Building a neighborhood of promise.

We're a group of citizens, neighbors and stakeholders working together to transform Codman Square and Four Corners into a neighborhood of promise.

Millennium Ten brings together long-standing community partners, organizations, new leaders and residents to work together towards the future of Codman Square and Four Corners.

These neighborhoods are home to some of the lowest income census tracts in the City of Boston and rank among the lowest in educational attainment with a number of schools that fall under “Needs Improvement” or “Failing” under No Child Left Behind.

Dorchester has the highest rate of foreclosures in the City of Boston, leading to homeownership displacement, mental anguish and life disruption. The organizations involved with Millennium work to improve the quality of life in Codman Square and Four Corners.

African-American & Caribbean
Families responded to questionnaire
One-on-one interviews conducted
Action group participants
Action group, steering committee, & subgroup meetings
New community champions

Our strategies for change.

Connected Community

Like a tree, our foundation is community. And we are growing neighborhoods with a village feel where people know each other, talk to each other and care for each other

Thriving Community

We envision a local sustainable ecosystem where residents & businesses are partners towards a connected community.

Healthy Community

We are committed to establishing a healthy, vibrant Dorchester where private and public properties have been transformed into healthy and sustainable environments

Supportive Community

We will work towards a community committed to peace not violence. One where youth can succeed. A neighborhood full of places where we can best learn, work and play.

Our Process


We interview residents, one-on-one, to find out what they want for their neighborhood.


Common priorities and goals become the topics for working groups, we we create community contracts.


Working groups and the coalition work together to realize our community contracts.

We will be a neighborhood of choice.

Codman Square and Four Corners will be a neighborhood of choice: a healthy and connected community with thriving businesses and support for vulnerable populations. Where every resident feels valued and has a chance to grow.